Want to create your own scent bottle and share your stories with others? Let’s turn your ideas into a unique one!



1. Select

Pick the bottle you want in different sizes and shapes, and decide your scent belongs to which emotion and pick the exclusive color of it.

2. Create

Let’s take a deep breath. Slowly recall in your mind what is the scent of smell that unforgettable and impressive you the most. Write it down, and submit it with us.

3. Sign up

Want to save your creations and build a personality for your SNIFF SNIFF* Scent? Simply open an account and you can create more than one of them! And save it to your account always

4. Purchase

Order your SNIFF SNIFF* Scent! Because of the extra care we take, delivery takes a little longer. Thanks for understanding. Plus, we do free shipping!

Don’t Miss The Extra Surprise In The Box You Receive.

You can create your own SNIFFSNIFF* scent and we’ll ship it to you free. Or you can also sell it and share it with others at our online store. 


*Randomly distributed

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